This Week in Highlights: Top 5 Moments from NATO Protests

The weekend saw thousands of protesters descend on Chicago for the NATO Summit. If you were watching the action live on Ustream, you saw the many live feeds coming through courtesy of a few brave citizen journalists. These journalists, armed with their streaming mobile phones, entered the fray and were able to capture moments of chaos, terror, and solidarity among the Occupy Protesters who gathered to voice their concerns over NATO policies. Here is a collection of some of the most illuminating, terrifying moments captured over the weekend:

1. Ustream Provides “Instantaneous Accountability” for NATO Protesters

2. Independent Journalists Raided by Police at NATO Summit

3. Tim Pool Recounts being Raided by Police at NATO Summit

4. NATO Protesters Clash with Police

5. Protesters Sing, Cheer as Police Line Retreats

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