Super Bowl Highlights Extravaganza on Ustream!

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[clear here] Now that the Super Bowl has come and gone, has your popcorn gone stale? Has the word TOUCHDOWN lost its appeal? Are you experiencing football WITHDRAWALS? Well don’t worry, we got you! Here are some AWESOME football highlights to quench your pigskin thirst! The season may be over, but at least these highlights can help you get some closure. So grab a cold drink, get some popcorn, and roll the beautiful highlights footage! [clear here]

Here are our top 5 Big Game moments (In no particular order):

1.  Yahoo Sports Talks with NFL Legend Joe Montana [clear here]
[clear here]2. Eddie George interviews Tim Tebow at Super Bowl 46 [clear here]
[clear here]3.  Adam Sandler and Plaxico Burress Talk Football and Movies at SB46[clear here]
[clear here] 4. Yahoo Sports Interviews Jerry Rice and Roddy White [clear here]
[clear here] 5.  Giants Fans Take Over NY Streets after Superbowl Win [clear here]
[clear here] Last but not least, don’t forget you can still watch the ads from the Big Game here