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John McCain Talks Healthcare Tomorrow On Ustream

With the political atmosphere intensifying in the US and Democratic candidates (and Ustreamers!) battle it out, Republican Presidential candidate Sen. John McCain has chosen tomorrow as a perfect time to discuss healthcare in America. And he’s doing it on Ustream … Continue reading

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New Features!

Login and Signup We updated our login and registration process to make it easier for registered Ustream users to login and start their broadcasts, and for new users to sign up for a Ustream account. Another cool thing we added … Continue reading

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Get It Embedded: How to Attract Viewers to Your Live Shows, Part 2

Inspired as I was by Matt’s Social Marketing entry, I wanted to add my 2 cents worth on the topic: embedded syndication. By the way, we are completely open to your tips and tactics on how successful ways of promoting … Continue reading

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Social Marketing: How to Attract Viewers to Your Live Show

As opposed to a blog post or a YouTube video, which are static and people can view at their leisure, your Ustream show is live and you must undertake the difficult task of grouping your viewers together concurrently and at … Continue reading

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PlayCafe Doesn’t Think You Can Beat Jeopardy Legend Ken Jennings… (Psh…its not like he knows trivia or anything…wait…)

PlayCafe is ruining my life. They are on for so many hours a week… they’re destroying any productivity I used to have. Damn you! If I’d somehow managed to pull away from their entertaining grasp I’m completely screwed now – … Continue reading

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Ustream is Better Than Sliced Bread

(these stats are taken from – it shows how often a keyword is used on Twitter (follow us!)) Everyone seems to compare themselves to their competitors – they brag about numbers and whatnot – but this is completely different. … Continue reading

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If you couldn’t make this years Web 2.0 EXPO – Blogtropolus’ has your back. LIVE NOW!

Web 2.0 – bubble? Maybe? Lets not get into that. Instead go head over to the Blogtropolus stream of the Web 2.0 Expo.For the duration of this conference they will be conducting interviews of “Tech’s most Influential”. Yes, they are … Continue reading

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Webware 100: Oops, we did it again

Webware 100: they say its sweetest the first time you win one. And it was. But it’s extra gratifying this time around for a wholly different reason, when we were awarded for the the 2008 edition of the prestigious award, … Continue reading

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ROFLCon To Be On Ustream!

“Shoe on head” and the “Rick Roll“  are the main internet meme’s Ustream has witnessed, however there are hundreds more out there. To come up with these ideas its well known that the internet culture walks a fine line between … Continue reading

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Matthew Ebel is Awesome

He’s been called a soulful white guy, an acoustic geek-rocker, and the love child of Elton John and Billy Joel. His fans know him as everything from Matthew to Birdman to simply “Hot Wings”. Whatever you call him, though, Matthew … Continue reading

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