Class is in Session… Today’s Lesson: Ustream.TV

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You can take it from me: the Ustream.TV team LOVES it when we catch educators and students finding creative ways to utilize the platform. Thanks to Ustreamer Xamas , the team celebrated a particularly unique, self-referential milestone in Ustream.TV academic content.

Ohio State University Ustreamer Bryant Kubik entered Ustream.TV as a topic in the hallowed halls of academic discourse with his superb Communication 101 presentation, “The Future of Television”. Bryant’s all-encompassing profile of Ustream and broadcast media is so comprehensive and on point, that I’m tempted to appropriate his video for all future Ustream.TV marketing purposes! Watch Bryant’s recorded video here.


Bryant is a junior majoring in communications at Ohio State University, which he will parlay into a career in television or radio. Visit his Ustream.TV profile, code name: Xamas, and you’ll see he’s got a big head start!

Bryant not only outlined paradigm-shifting abstracts of live broadcasting and real-time interaction in his presentation, but made it real by securing the live participation of Ustream star Jody Gnant. No doubt, professor Prabu David’s class felt the “in-the-moment” magic of Bryant’s cutting-edge, anything-but-ordinary presentation.

Be sure to leave Bryant positive comments — and perhaps a grade — for a job well done!