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Senator Tim Johnson Says “Thank You” On Ustream.TV

US Senator Tim Johnson and his wife Barbara Johnson thanked South Dakotans for their support, thoughts, and prayers at a “Welcome Home Celebration” in Sioux Falls LIVE on Ustream.TV today. If you will recall, Senator Johnson had brain surgery back … Continue reading

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The Knights Online Tournament Starts Tomorrow!

The Knight Online Team over at K2 Network has been preparing for the upcoming Inter-Server Wars that will be celebrating the Knight Online Gaming Festival running from August 24th – August 31st. Since Friday, August 24th they have been broadcasting … Continue reading

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Chris Pirillo Streams Lunar Eclipse LIVE

Chris Pirillo sent me this link earlier today: It is a live stream of last nights Lunar Eclipse. Apparently the bay area had the best view ( I wish someone had told me about it!!! Atleast I can see … Continue reading

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Sen. Hillary Clinton and Gov. Mike Huckabee Stream LIVE on Ustream.TV

With the political season heating up and Presidential candidates jocking for position and attention, Senator Hillary Clinton and Gov. Mike Huckabee streamed LIVE once again on Ustream.TV. Senator Clinton first appeared on Ustream from a breakout session at the YearlyKos … Continue reading

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Mason Meets Jody – And We Saw It LIVE

Tonight I watched two of our popular Ustreamers Mason ( and Jody Gnant ( meet face to face for the first time. It was a powerful moment for me personally because I witnessed two people’s lives coming together because of … Continue reading

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How To Stream A Conference In 2 Minutes- Easy!

We get asked often what is the best way to stream conferences, conventions, tradeshows and events. So we thought we would throw some ideas out to the community for discussion (hopefully some smarter people than me add their 2 cents … Continue reading

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Shoe On Your Head- Ustream.TV Rite of Passage

Overtime, it is not uncommon for groups, organizations, companies, cultures or peoples to develop tradition or rites of passage. In my opinion, tradition is something special that in today’s rapidly changing society we see less and less of. I’m not … Continue reading

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New Ustream T-shirts Available Now!

Well we weren’t very happy with the T-shirts, so we switched to The Zazzle T-shirt quality is AMAZING. They have special technology that prints our logos on the shirts and you can’t even feel the printing. It is … Continue reading

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Ever see those late-night infomercials on getting Government Money?

Growing up, I saw Matthew Lesko on TV from time-to-time, but only recently did I have a chance to connect with the man behind the “question mark suit.” Mr. Lesko reached out to Ustream.TV in hopes of finding support for … Continue reading

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iSoccer- Live Soccer Game On Ustream.TV

As a big soccer enthusiast, I was glad to watch this past weekend a great soccer game on Ustream.TV. The game was between the Cleveland City Stars at Richmond Kickers of the United Soccer League ( Just another great example … Continue reading

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