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“We now have live streaming video, as well as interactive chat, that provides our viewers a unique opportunity to learn directly from a professional woodworker,” said Nicole Spagnuolo, as she announced the expansion of the podcasts of her woodworker husband Marc Spagnuolo into a full-fledged Woodworking 2.0 site – TheWoodWhisperer.com – complete with videos, podcasts, chatrooms, and even a live streaming shop web-cam.

Believed to be the first website of its kind, allowing people of all ages and skill levels to learn, watch, and interact with others interested in the age old craft of woodworking, TheWoodWhisperer.com started out as a fun project that joined two of Marc’s passions, woodworking and technology.

“Marc really got into listening to podcasts after I bought him an iPod,” explained Nicole, who is a frequent guest-star on the podcast and live stream.

The iPod brought Marc’s attention to the video podcasts and the massive Web 2.0 trend, she explained. Simply and inexpensively generated audio and video content was, to Marc’s enjoyment, filling his iPod and entertaining him while he worked in his shop. He soon realized that there was a lack of quality podcasts for woodworking, and it wasn’t long before Marc and Nicole decided to make their own show.

With a polite nod to Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, the first Wood Whisperer episode was made. While continuing to produce The Wood Whisperer podcasts, the couple added other unique features to the site. After the addition of a webcam to the shop computer, The Wood Whisperer viewers could now catch live snapshots of Marc in action. The webcam experience was enhanced later as a live stream when, after listening to one of Marc’s favorite podcasts, Leo Laporte the Tech Guy, Marc was introduced to uStream.tv.

Emphasizing the growing “mashup” status of the site, Nicole stated, “We now have live streaming video, as well as interactive chat, that provides our viewers a unique opportunity to learn directly from a professional woodworker.”

The Wood Whisperer is an award winning podcast (Best of iTunes 2006 Staff Favorites) that is released semi-monthly. To watch the podcasts, or for more information, just visit TheWoodWhisperer.com.

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